Have you ever considered using social media to captivate online students who will be delighted to work with you or join your e-mail program, workshop, video course, etc? Let's do it!
Who am I?

I am Dragana, a language teacher who enjoyed working online before it was cool and common!

Since 2009, most of my clients find me online and come back for more.

Here are some numbers!
Years of experience in different forms of teaching - formal, informal, online, offline, university, in-house courses, crash courses, workshops, mentorships, you name it - I've done it!
I use 30+ online teaching tools in my everyday work. Name the activity, I have a tool for that and an explanation of how to do it!
Teachers and language service providers (mostly from Balkan region) I have worked with within the program Monetize your language skills.
Let's work together!
So, what am I actually doing and how can we work together?
Online teaching is not the future! It's here and now! Let's get the best out of it!
Through webinars, 1 on 1 sessions, workshop Monetize your language skills and mentorship program I help teachers stand out on social media and attract high-quality clients they'll enjoy working with, and also to create and sell digital products.
I offer in-house workshops for language schools that want to offer dynamic, interesting online classes which students will love. I choose tools and techniques according to the needs of your students and tech competencies of the teachers.
Let's work together
Learn everything you need to know before you start creating content on social media, get a review of your Instagram account and tailor-made content ideas, or get support in the creation and promotion of your digital products or services. Suitable for schools, teachers, and teacher trainers.
75 min
in English, Serbian
or German
75€, 9000 RSD
An interactive workshop for a group of max. 6 teachers includes tips and tricks for better online teaching, tutorials on chosen tools, and examples that can be applied in your online classroom the very next day.
90-120 min
in English, Serbian or German
150€, 18000 RSD
In a group of 6-8 people you will learn what kinds of language jobs there are, how to choose the perfect way to reach client, building a personal brand on the chosen platform or social media, how to create and sell digital products. The workshop includes a workbook and a 30 min session 1 on 1.
Sat, Sun 11-15
in Serbian only
120€, 14400 rsd
What other teachers say
What to do now?
Write me something about yourself, your challenges and what you want to achieve so we can choose the best option for how to work together (1 on 1 session, an in-house workshop for your school or a group workshop Monetize your language skills). I promise to get back to you within the next 24 hours with the details.
I use simplybookit to manage my appointments, you can check available dates until the end of the month before planning your one-on-one session or an in-house workshop for your school.
Is it possible to book a 1-on-1 session on the website?
Before we start working together, I want to get to know you better. Therefore, it is necessary to send an e-mail first. Don't worry, usually you'll get your reply within a few hours.
Is there an option to attend the workshop Monetize your language skills in English?
The group workshop is in Serbian because most people in my online community come from Balkans. Upon request, I will be happy to organize a workshop in English for at least 5 participants.
How can I pay for your services?
I am able to receive payments from almost all the countries except Russia, Belarus, and Iran. Usually people choose Serbian bank account, Austrian bank account or paypal.
Is it possible to book a 1-on-1 session in person?
One-on-one sessions in person are possible only in Vienna or Belgrade. Write me an e-mail, so I can tell you where I am at the moment.
Do I need to be tech-savvy in order to work with you?
No, but you do need to know how to use Zoom or any other chosen tool for video calls and interested in working online.
Are you employable?
No, but I am available for short-term and mid-term projects.
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